The Super Bowl 2020 drinking game

The Super Bowl is this coming weekend, and the media will be keen to tell you that this is the biggest single event in the whole of sports. How true that is I’ll leave up them to prove, but it’s still usually an epic night with friends and family.

The NFL always time it perfectly for the NFL fan who had a new year revelation and decided to do some sort of ‘New Year New Me’ thing, including this particular writer who is currently a stone and half down since the turn of the year, for which he is very proud. By the time we kick off though, Dry January is over, and I’m combining all my cheat days into night of Tyrann Mathieu and Nick Bosa themed excess.

With this in mind, we channelled our inner 18 year old* and I have tried to create the Super Bowl drinking game 2020, based on the events of the night. I’ll give the example, and the instructions, it’s then up to you to get as drunk as Rob Gronkowski on Steve Harvey at New Years…just please go easy on any delicate Lego figures if so.

Starters…if Jeff Reinbold is talking you must be drinking, it’s only fair, you’re just catching up with Jeff.

2 fingers of drink if…

  • Someone asks if Tony Romo is commentating (it’s Troy Aikman, yes, other then some idiots in the NFL UK Facebook group, we all wish it was Romo)
  • Someone says “I don’t think I can eat anymore”
  • They then eat something else (the person who said it does double)
  • Someone asks who the half time show is (It’s Shakira and J-Lo and it could not be any worse than the last two years borefests of Justin Timberlake and Maroon 5)
  • First Down
  • Anyone mentions the Cleveland Browns
  • Sack
  • Tackle for Loss

  • 3 fingers of grog if…

  • Touchdown
  • Successful 3 point attempt
  • Penalty flag debated by former ref, probably Mike Pereira, in New York
  • Someone says “I can’t drink any more”
  • That person then has another drink (The person down their drink)
  • Someone does the ref hand signals for 1st down or Touch Down
  • Emperor Goddell is shown in the crowd
  • The Chain Gang come out to measure (I know it’s a billion dollar sport, but I still love the tension of the Chain Gang measuring)
  • A Patriots fan mentions “it’s nice to watch the game without a vested interest” or something smug to that effect

  • 4 fingers of whatever you’re drinking if…

  • Touchdown taken away by penalty
  • Mahomes no look pass
  • Any Interception
  • Successful 4th down attempt
  • Missed kick
  • Interview with unrelated UK celebrity to pad coverage…yes we count Sam Quek and Vernon Kay in this, they’ve not played in the NFL
  • The guys from Around the NFL sounds like they’re coming through using two tins and string, like they always do
  • Kick Return goes more than 30 yards
  • Onside kick, whether recovered or not

  • Down your drink if…

  • Any nudity or wardrobe malfunctions at half time
  • Fight happens
  • Safety
  • Kansas City Chiefs come back from 2 scores behind to lead
  • Fake Punt

  • *In all seriousness, please drink in moderation, abusing alcohol isn’t cool, so have fun but take it easy, have a drink or however many, but mainly just enjoy the game, it promises to be a great one, and the Patriots will probably only go and ruin it next year by coming back stronger than ever!
    If you do take part in any of this though, let us know on Twitter at @thesnapuk

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