All I Want for Christmas: AFC edition

It’s that time of the year where we all start making Christmas wishes (well, for anyone under the age of ten that might start in June!). So here today let’s plot out the biggest Christmas wishes for the AFC teams!

Buffalo Bills

A consistent running game is in order in Buffalo. The Bills have transformed their offence with the ongoing development of quarterback Josh Allen and the addition of Stefon Diggs. The team are averaging 104 yards of rushing attack per game for a total of 1,148 but 311 of those yards have come from Josh Allen. There’s potential in Zack Moss and Devin Singletary, but they just need to show consistency.

Miami Dolphins

I could look at the rushing game again here as well as the Dolphins running back room seems to change every couple of weeks but for the sake of differentiation I’ll switch it up. With their brand new quarterback making strides and the defence playing above the sum of its parts, the Dolphins should be asking Santa to double up protection for Tua. Solidifying the O-line further will not only make sure that Tua doesn’t suffer further injuries but also should help the running game. Win win.

New England Patriots

Something, anything for Cam Newton to pass to. Whether that’s a tight end with more experience and talent than Ryan Izzo or for N’Keal Harry to show why a first round pick was spent on him.

New York Jets

Truth be told, we’re all looking forward to 2020 ending but the Jets are at the front of the queue. All they want for Christmas is for the 2020 season to end so they can move on with an extensive rebuild on and off the field.

Kansas City Chiefs

Unlikely to happen but the Chiefs are going to be wishing for a first round bye in the playoffs. It looks as though the Steelers might have it wrapped up though games against the Bills and Colts could trip them up.

Las Vegas Raiders

Please Santa, give Jon Gruden a legit pass rush. The Raiders are second to last when it comes to sacks and only one player (Max Crosby) has over 1.5 sacks on the season. The defence is also in the lower half for turnover differential, and that’s not because the offence is coughing the ball up at every opportunity.

Denver Broncos

Tighter mask discipline maybe? Too soon Bronco fans? Ok so in lieu of that I’m going to give them either a new middle linebacker to boss the defence and start to reduce the amount of rushing yards opposing teams can put on them.

LA Chargers

Easy one – a new coach. Anthony Lynn comes across as a really good guy so it pains me to bang on about this on podcasts and now here but the Chargers need a coach who is better at managing the game and can get the best out of Justin Herbert

Pittsburgh Steelers

Is there much you should want when you’re 11-0 at the start of December? Well for one, you can ask for your opposing teams to get their COVID outbreaks under control! For two – the injuries are starting to mount up on defence, I’d be asking for either Bud Dupree or Devin Bush back please.

Cleveland Browns

A good turnaround after a dour 2019 season has the Browns on the precipice of a playoff appearance. They’re ask is just to keep their running backs fit, if either Nick Chubb or Kareem Hunt go down this team could be very different. Oh, and more bad weather please, it works for them.

Cincinnati Bengals

Given their recent experience, a new O-Line please to keep Joe Burrow upright next year.

Tennessee Titans

Everything is ticking on offence, nothing new needed there. Defence is not terrible but like the Raiders, they’re struggling to get to the quarterback. Clowney is on the roster but Mike Vrabel wants the first round pick Clowney, not the free agent version who isn’t really earning his pay cheque.

Indianapolis Colts

Generally, things are going well in Indy bar last weeks hammering by the Titans so we’re going to ask for time to be turned back and give the Colts another shot at the Titans, this time with Deforest Buckner in the D-Line to try and slow Derrick Henry down.

Houston Texans

Well, they’re going to get a new GM and probably a new coach (though it would be a very Texans thing to do to keep Romeo Crennel on board). To compliment that, the Texans are asking for their draft capital back. Whoever the new GM is going to be, they’ve got a hell of job to do to try and build this roster with very little draft capital (but for gods sake don’t do it by trading away Deshaun Watson!!!)

Jacksonville Jaguars

Like the Jets, another team going into rebuild on and off the field. Unlike the Jets, they’ve probably got one or two more pieces on both sides of the ball that a new coach can utilise. But with a likely top three pick in the draft, a new quarterback is on the cards for the Jags!

Main image credit: “Football Lineup” by KJ Holiday is licensed with CC BY 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

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