Three things the Jags need to do

It’s that time of the year where the regular season is coming to an end (or is at an end by the time you read this!) and some teams are heading to the playoffs. For those that aren’t, they look to the horizon where free agency, the draft and a new season is starting to come into view. It’s also at this time of the year that I start to think about what each team should do in the offseason. Truth be told, the team building aspect of the NFL is one of the most interesting parts of the game for me. To kick things off, I’ll look at what the worst team in the NFL need to do!

By some miracle we’re not kicking off this series of articles by talking about the Jets and Jaguar fans are overjoyed to be the worst team in 2020 and have the first pick of the draft where a would be franchise quarterback awaits. The GM job is currently open and this has to be the most exciting positions currently on the market. Whoever is hired as GM will have a bevvy of draft picks (including two first rounders) and a nice chunk of cap space to play with. Anyway, here goes.

Replace Doug Marone

By the time you’re reading this, this has probably happened already and there’s already talk of it happening straight after Sunday’s fixture. Former college coach and current Fox Sports analyst, Urban Meyer is believed to be keen on the role. Meyer had success at the collegiate level with both the Florida Gators and Ohio State buckeyes winning national championships with both. Current Ohio State coach Ryan Day has also been rumoured to be on the Jags watchlist. One thing that is true is that whoever comes in will need to be given a decent length of contract as they build around a new contract.

Draft Trevor Lawrence

This is a no brainer. Despite two coaching prospects with heavy links to Ohio State, I don’t believe that either would take Justin Fields over Lawrence. Lawrence is being viewed as a slam dunk quaterback prospect. He’s got all the atheltic traits that you look for as well as a tremendous skillset. Here’s what Joe Marino from TheDraftNetwork says about him:

“….Trevor Lawrence is among the most exceptional talents at the quarterback position to ever enter the NFL. He blends elite physical gifts with exceptional football IQ, leadership traits, and intangibles that make him the type of talent that would be the No. 1 overall selection in almost any draft.

High praise indeed. Enjoy Jag fans!

Protect Trevor Lawrence

Don’t make the mistake that the Bengals have made in 2020 and leave your future franchise quarterback exposed to all manner of nastiness on opposing defences. Left tackle Cam Robinson’s contract is up at the end of 2020 so whether you sign him back up to a long term contract (and the Jaguars are expected to have around $81m in cap space so could afford him), sign a free agent (though Robinson is probably the best young option) or draft someone new (ideally with their second first round pick), the Jags have to focus on keeping Lawrence out of danger.

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