One wish for every AFC team

Hopes are high heading in to a new season. Even those teams who don’t expect
to really win the Super Bowl, hope for positive steps forward after what might
have been a turbulent 2021 season. So in this, and the next article I’m going
to list out one positive thing I’d like to see from each team in 2022. I’m not
saying any of these things are going to happen, just that I’d like to see them

Starting with the AFC:

New England Patriots – I want to see Hunter Henry step up and be a big time tight end. He showed flashes of immense talent with the Chargers but let down by injuries. Now is his time to make that leap.

Buffalo Bills – The one thing missing from 2021, I want to see the running game really click behind rookie running back James Cook.

Miami Dolphins – Let’s have Tua put to bed all the doubters, take control of this team and lead the Dolphins into the playoffs.

New York Jets – Robert Salah to get the best out of this defence. They’ve invested a lot in the defence and I want to see them be dominant so the offence doesn’t have to do too much!

Kansas City Chiefs – I want to see Patrick Mahomes absolutely rip teams apart. A lot has been made about Tyreek Hill leaving and what will Mahomes do without him. I think Mahomes is the best quarterback in the league, I think more will agree if he excels without a clear No.1 receiver.

Las Vegas Raiders – To not forget about Hunter Renfrow – he had a great season last year but with Devante Adams coming in, Renfrow could get lost in the crowd. I want see Renfrow show that he’s not to be slept on.

LA Chargers – Not have any major injuries. The Chargers have a top ten roster, injuries will happen but lets hope it’s not to key players.

Denver Broncos – It’s been said before, but not in Denver. Let Russ cook. Seriously this time though.

Jacksonville Jaguars – Please please please can we have the Trevor Lawrence that we all felt we were getting in the 2021 draft?

Indianapolis Colts – Michael Pittman please stand up and have a 1,500 receiving season and show us all you really are a top wide receiver.

Tennessee Titans – Sorry Ryan, but I want to see Malik Willis get game time.  He looked electric in pre-season and I want more!

Houston Texans –Just have a normal season.  There’s been so much wrong in Houston over the last 5 or so years.  Even if it’s a mere 3 win season I want all the talk to be about what happens on the field.

Cincinnati Bengals – I want to see the offensive line do what an offensive line is meant to
do.  Keep Burrow upright and open holes for Joe Mixon to dash through

Baltimore Ravens – I can’t wait to see Kyle Hamilton in this defence.  The player looked immense in college and in this Ravens defence his trajectory should remain positive

Cleveland Browns – I find it genuinely hard to want anything positive for this franchise given the offseason but fine, I want Jacoby Brissett to play at a pro-bowl level.

Pittsburgh Steelers – It’s part of their form, but I want to see George Pickens be a rookie of theyear candidate.  A lot of talent in a place that’s been brilliant at developing wide receiver talent.


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