One wish for every NFC team

Hopes are high heading in to a new season. Even those teams who don’t expect to really win the Super Bowl, hope for positive steps forward after what might have been a turbulent 2021 season. So following on from the previous article, I’m going to list out one positive thing I’d like to see from each team in 2022. I’m not saying any of these things are going to happen, just that I’d like to see them so.

So now on to the NFC:

New York Giants – I think we all just want to see Saquon fit and back to his electrifying best

Dallas Cowboys – for Dak not to get killed by his O-Line?  Seems a little negative so I’ll go for more of the same from Micah Parsons please.

Philadelphia Eagles – I’ve been one of his biggest critics but I would love to see him prove me wrong and show us how much his passing accuracy has improved

Washington Commanders – I want to see Sam Howell being given a crack at playing in the NFL and taking the QB job in Washington for himself.

San Francisco 49ers – only one place for me to go here and I’ll stick with QB, I want to see Trey Lance light up the league

LA Rams – for Cam Akers to be a lead back and a genuine running threat in that offence

Arizona Cardinals – their rookie pass rushers to step up and replace the production from the now departed Chandler Jones

Seattle Seahawks – for Pete Carroll to prove every other person in the world wrong and actually produce more than 6 wins this year

New Orleans Saints – I want to see Michael Thomas back on the field, 100% fit and playing like he did in 2019

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – I want to see Devin White play at a Defensive Player of the Year level.  He has it in him but felt that 2021 was a quieter year for him following the Superbowl win.

Atlanta Falcons – for Kyle Pitts to have a truly breakout year.  2021 was ok by rookie TE standards but I want to see a bit more from him in 2022, especially in the red zone

Carolina Panthers – for Christian McCaffrey to stay fit for the whole season

Green Bay Packers – easy to go offence here but I want the Packers to finally have the ability to stop the run

Minnesota Vikings – I want to see this offence go from ‘good’ to ‘scary good’  All the pieces are there but is up to the new coach to help realise the potential

Detroit Lions – Hard Knocks has got me, and many others, thinking well of the Lions for the first time in a while.  Ride that wave of optimism and support and go get yourself a playoff spot!

Chicago Bears – I want to see Justin Fields progress.  I unfortunately feel it might be a lot to ask in this team but hopefully they can prove me wrong.

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