5 defensive players I want back in the game

As you’d imagine, we play a fair bit of Madden.  Paul and I particularly enjoy franchise mode and the draft element – especially importing draft classes for future years.  We also love finding the draft classes that contain players from the past which has inspired me to write a series of articles about which players I’d love to turn back the clock for, and see playing in the league again.  

This one I’m looking at the five defensive players I want to see play.

Luke Kuechly – Linebacker

I love a middle linebacker! For me, Kuechly typified what it was to be the best linebacker in the modern era.  He moved from sideline to sideline with such pace.  Tackled with ferocity and could drop back and defend the pass.  His energy and leadership drove the Panthers team to their Superbowl 50 appearance.  I was gutted when he retired and would love to see him back on the field.

Joe Greene – Defensive Tackle

Aaron Donald gets a lot of love as being ‘the best defensive tackle since Joe Greene’, so let’s bring back the original.  Earning the moniker as ‘Mean Joe Greene’ for how he played and how he attacked offences, Greene was the anchor and leader for the ‘Steel Curtain’ in the 70s and was instrumental in the Steelers winning four Superbowls.

Deion Sanders – Cornerback

‘Prime time’ has to be on this list!  Bought glitz and glamour to defences across the country and helped lead the 49ers and Cowboys to Super Bowl wins.  Would continue to excel in today’s game and would probably command (and get!) over a $20m a year contract!  

Lawrence Taylor – Edge Rusher

Taylor is the player that should be on ALL lists of this type.  Left tackles throughout the NFL should all bow down and thank Taylor for the way in which he changed the game which resulted in tackles getting paid more!  10 Pro Bowls, two Super Bowls, Defensive rookie of the year in 1981, three defensive player of the year awards and a league MVP are testament to what he was as a player.  

Jerome Brown & Reggie White – Defensive Line

Ok, I cheated here as I didn’t want to separate or pick between these two!  Whilst White won his Super Bowl with the Packers during the 1997, it is his tandem and friendship with defensive tackle Jerome Brown that helped him become one of the first major beneficiaries from the newly formed free agency.  I didn’t see them play live but their highlight reels are just pure fun to watch.  The pair wreaked havoc in their time with the Eagles and would undoubtedly do so again in todays game.

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