Toxic Texans

The firing of Lovie Smith was inevitable.  I thought it would happen more or less the day he was hired.  That’s not to say anything derogatory of Lovie Smith as a coach, given what he had on the roster I thought some of the performances of the Texans team were good, despite many of the results.  

But the Texans as an organisation, are a dumpster fire. The way they dealt with the whole Deshaun Watson saga was diabolical.  The way they hired and then, after a season, fired David Culley despite some good performances (again, in spite of the roster quality), was despicable.  The following search for a head coach was a joke before hiring Lovie Smith who has a respectable record – more so than Josh McCown.

There was the whole palava of Jack Easterby and his position within the organisation which was eventually corrected when he was let go.  There were rumours of GM Nick Caserio also leaving, after all, it was him that hired and fired the last two head coaches over the previous two seasons he’s been in the job.  It looks as though, based on his statement about Smith, that he’l be staying on.

But in a league with only 32 head coaching jobs, you have to wonder who would want the Texans gig?  Yes, they have a high draft pick and they finally have some draft ammunition following the Watson trade to Cleveland.  But there’s lots that they don’t have….

Any new head coach would need to address the QB position first and foremost.  Davis Mills isn’t a starting calibre quarterback.  Realistically, the whole offence needs a makeover, Brandin Cooks and Laremy Tunsill aside, it’s full of middling at best talent that have been cast off by other teams.  And who could blame either Cook or Tunsill if they demanded trades away to a franchise that’s going to compete?

You see, that’s the problem.  The recent history of the franchise doesn’t give you confidence that they’ll make a change and it will be a change for the better.  They’re where the Browns and Jets were a couple of years ago (and to be fair, I’m not 100% convinced either have got out of this mode) whereby, whatever they do at whatever position within the organisation, it’ll be the wrong decision.

Who would be shocked if they hired some random coordinator and he was another one and done coach in Houston rather than have the success of a Nick Sirrani?  Would you really be surprised if with the 2nd overall pick they took a QB who turned out to be worse than Davis Mills rather than the next Justin Herbert?  Will we be shaking our heads during the free agency period where they sign a bunch of second rate players for too much money?

Change can be a good thing and can happen quickly – the Texans just need to look to their AFC South rivals in Jacksonville for a demonstration.  But for the Texans I can only think that they’ll do the wrong thing.

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